Double-eccentric | Overspeed | High Pressure

Butterfly valves play an important role where water is stored, transported, treated and distributed. The most important thing about these valves is their durability and reliability over decades.

Valves used in water management must withstand enormous loads, high pressures, critical speeds and the most extreme temperatures and climatic conditions. For this reason, they must be manufactured from the appropriate materials.


Double-eccentric butterfly valve activated by electric actuator. Watertight with positive closure in both flow directions. It incorporates self-lubricated maintenance-free bushings and bronze sealing gasket supports. Aerodynamic valve design to avoid turbulence and achieve a high Kv with a low pressure drop coefficient.


Double-eccentric butterfly valve with flanged connection, operated by an external counterweight. The valve is fitted with a 2-way hydraulic pilot which will take two readings upstream and downstream of a flange with a restrictor disc. The circuit outside the valve is completed by a hydraulic cylinder of oil with the associated tank.