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The world we know is constantly advancing, bringing new challenges and requirements which impact on our daily lives. The sector of water and water-related equipment, like many others, is constantly evolving. At IRUA we believe that this evolution must always be guided by a focus on quality and reliability, allowing us to adapt to new times and markets without losing sight of the values which have defined our position from the beginning: honesty and a passion for what we do.


Keeping the focus of each project firmly on our customer, the process starts with a needs analysis phase. This is because, although we have a wide range of products that cover all the demands of the sectors in which we work, what we aim to do is more than simply provide a valve. We work to ensure that the valve has an added value that guarantees the best integration and performance in each overall installation. How do we do that? At IRUA we have been designing and manufacturing valves for more than three decades. The experiences gained through close contact with our customers and the interaction between technical and engineering departments have contributed to continuous improvement which is embodied in our designs. Similarly, we are pioneers in the characterisation and analysis of air valves and control valves, having been selected by various university and official bodies to collaborate as a key player.


2D and 3D design:
  • AutoCad
  • Inventor
  • CF Design (computational fluid dynamics calculation)
Valve design calculation:
  • ANSI
  • API
  • KTA

The technical office of IRUA collaborates in various projects with the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of the Basque Country, working with the Laboratory of Materials and Fluids and the Department of Mechanics.


We are based in the Basque Country, a geographical area with a great industrial tradition dating from the middle of the 19th century. Over the years, this region has maintained its commitment to industrialisation and R&D, becoming a benchmark. As a result, we are at the heart of one of Spain’s leading technological and industrial zones. In particular, we can highlight foundries, machining companies and boilermakers whose quality is recognised at European level.

Our main suppliers are located just a few kilometres away from our main production site, which guarantees total control of the process. All the foundries associated with our manufacturing process are based in Spain. Each model of valve has a foundry assigned to it. As the foundry is familiar with the geometries, models and operating philosophy of the equipment, we achieve a high degree of specialisation.

The high concentration of foundries in our area offers a range of options that allows us to cast in various materials such as ductile iron (standard), alloy steels (duplex, super duplex…), carbon steel, Hastelloy or Inconel.


At IRUA we have our own machining centre and we also work with companies which have been specialising in high-precision machining for several decades.

As we have mentioned before, the Basque Country is a recognised leader in the machine tool and machining industry, which guarantees the high reliability of the components integrated into our equipment.



One of the most important features to ensure the proper functioning and lifetime of a valve is a high-quality coating. This requires both knowledge and the necessary resources.

AT IRUA, we have captured the experience of several decades in our surface finishing and painting process, in order to offer the highest quality of coating.

We have washing machines to remove any grease or coolant residues after machining, several abrasion booths for the preparation of parts, and an automated chain for epoxy powder painting with electrostatic application.



Our production centre has specific areas for the assembly and testing of the different types of valves.

Similarly, the operators who perform these jobs are specialised in a specific type of equipment. Thanks to this, we have highly qualified personnel capable of understanding and analysing the work of each type of valve.


100% of the equipment manufactured by IRUA is subjected to hydrostatic and functional tests that guarantee its integrity.

In addition to these tests, all our valves – from the simplest to the most complex – are tested and studied on the basis of the services they must provide so that their reliability is assured.

Our facilities are equipped with specific hydraulic test benches for each type of valve, some of which are at the forefront of technology both in Spain and among the few similar benches worldwide.


Our commitment to the customer does not end when the equipment is shipped. At IRUA we like to establish solid and long-term relationships with our clients, based on mutual trust. That is why we guarantee the supply of parts for all our products throughout their lifetime, and provide a range of services designed to ensure our customers’ continued satisfaction:

  • Configuration and commissioning of our products in the field
  • After-sales service