Installations and capacities

Unlike other companies in the sector that only buy and sell valves, IRUA manufactures its own products.

This means that we perform, supervise and carry out a direct control of each and every one of the stages in the manufacturing process – from design to painting and final finish, including casting, machining and assembly. Only in this way can we guarantee to provide our clients with a product that stands out for its high level of excellence and durability.

Our Galdákano plant is located in an area with a deep-rooted European industrial culture, in which we have high-quality suppliers and collaborators. The fact that the company manufactures its products in Europe is in itself an additional quality guarantee.

The most critical parts of the process are carried out at our own facility, with a covered area of 2,100 m2. Here we have an exceptionally-qualified workforce and the right equipment to obtain an excellent product.