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In accordance with our dedication to customer focus, we at Irua regard quality as a business-wide concept that encompasses not only the manufacturing, quality assurance and control processes, but also each and every one of the company’s departments. From our relationships with our customers and suppliers to our after-sales service.

At Irua we have the resources, knowledge and employee team to be able to deliver our products with the quality level required for each project. In order to determine and agree on this level, values such as honesty, reliability and transparency are important to us and firmly rooted in our corporate culture.

This is how we are able to adapt each project to the needs of the customer, providing solutions with high added value which are designed specifically for each situation.




Our test benches are fundamental pillars of quality assurance at the product level. These tools are essential for developing a detailed understanding of the product and finding the keys to the best designs.  Continuous investment in economic resources and people, together with joint work with various leading university bodies, allows us to have world-class innovative facilities.

Hydraulic test benches

We have specific hydraulic benches for each type of valve.

Air valve test benches

These facilities are unique in Spain and constitute one of the few specific test benches for air valves in the world. Thanks to this, we have developed the most reliable air valves on the market. .


IRUA and its products are certified according to ISO 9001.

In addition, we have been approved as suppliers by international companies around the world.

In accordance with our quality policy, we test all our products before delivery. For this we have modern pressure and filtration test benches specifically for valves, and one of the most modern Air Laboratories in Europe to test our valves.

We supply our customers with the necessary quality certificates.

Our new Tri-function Compact Body Air Release Valve models have been certified by Lloyd’s Register as a Product Designed, Manufactured and Tested according to UNE EN 1074-4, making us one of the few air release valve manufacturers to have been awarded this certification.


Instrumentation and laboratories:

  • Ultrasonic thickness gauge
  • Hardness meter
  • Magnetic induction coating thickness gauge
  • Salt fog chamber
  • Coating pinhole detector
  • Ultrasonic flow meter
  • Noise level meter
  • Impact meter
  • Hydraulic test benches
  • Air flow laboratory


Some of the standards we meet:

  • EN 8574 Surface adherence and adhesion
  • EN 12266 – Industrial valves – Testing of valves
  • EN 1074 – Part1 Valves for water supply
  • EN 1074 – Part 4 Air release valves
  • EN 1074 – Part 5 – Control valves
  • AWWA C512 (American Water Works Association)